TechyWiz can help meet your multimedia needs. We can create images, videos, webcasts, webpages and more. Use us for individual projects or let us talk with you about setting up viral marketing campaigns on YouTube or other social media products. Contact us for a free consultation!

Here are some examples of our videos:

Video 1: “The Dangers of Workplace Stress” Promotional video for Stressdoc Enterprises. This was a targeted campaign so solicit an audience of individuals and businesses looking for stress reduction programs.

Video 2: Instructional video for a corporate client who’s audience are end users of an e-commerce platform. This video is one of several that were part of a large educational project that included instructional design and video rendering service provided by TechyWiz.

Video 3: “Two Fold Annuity”. A video to educate and promote a unique annuity structure to an audience who may be considering retirement planning.

Video 4: “Happy Thanksgiving”. An outreach video created for members of a Yoga group. Although the video was targeted for a small group, it’s viewership expanded past 1k and greatly exceeded its target audience – providing a vast audience to the center’s message.

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