Stacy Mizrahi
Founder of TechyWiz LLC

“I don’t provide answers, I provide working business solutions. I firmly believe that the pathway to finding success starts by having conversations. The solution starts by knowing you.”

My name is Stacy Mizrahi, I am the owner of TechWiz LLC, where I manage website operations, media content and instructional design collaboration. My job is to answer business problems centered around technology. I can provide website design, hosting, technical research, training and web marketing – including graphics and video design.

Since founding TechyWiz in 2017, I have worked at expanding the digital footprint and modernizing outreach of several local businesses, such as StressDoc Enterprises, Policy Pros and Property Wholesalers. Formerly, I worked at Sony Electronics, Micros, Data Sciences Inc., Saxotech and Edaptive and bring 19 years (as of 2020) of technical experience. I have has a Bachelors in Information Technology and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design for e-Learning at University of Maryland University College.