Panera Bread of Maryland, franchised by Lemek LLC, has deployed, a web site that controls donation requests. Panera Bread values corporate citizenship and we regularly make donations to local community events and fundraisers. The webpage is constructed to facilitate donations requests by inquiring in-need participants. Stacy Ian Mizrahi of TechyWiz LLC built and deployed the system. The project was a rapid deployment, going from inception to go-live within one month.

Stacy Mizrahi

“We started with a conceptual model based off existing needs requirements. It was a unique project as we were adapting a CMS to new features and functionalities. It has many workflows and includes a retail locator, in-line editing, and scripting logic for email communication logic. We built a full-featured donation system that can compete against industry heavy-weights.”

— Stacy Mizrahi, TechyWiz LLC